Ce este Google Assistant, cum activezi aceasta functie si ce telefoane o primesc; Hey Google, Ok Google

In vreo doua articole precedente am vorbit despre ce este Google Assistant(Ce este aceasta functie si ce telefoane o primesc) si cum reactivezi functia Google Assistant daca aceasta a disparut.

Mai jos am facut o lista cu comenzile pe care i le puteti da asistentului in limba engleza:


  • How far away is Venice?
  • Who invented penicillin?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • When is sunset in Romania?
  • How tall is Burj Khalifa?
  • What time is it in Casablanca?
  • When is Father’s Day?
  • When is Cats playing?
  • What is the capital of Morocco?
  • Who is the president of Romania?


  • Play some music;
  • Play some jazz;
  • Play dance music;
  • Play some workout music;

Setare remindere:

  • Set a reminder;
  • Remind me to take out the trash;
  • Show my reminders;
  • Remind me to take out the trash at 5PM;

Setare alarme:

  • Set an alarm;
  • Set an alarm for 6PM;
  • Snooze;
  • What time is the alarm set for?
  • Set an alarm for 20 minutes from now;
  • What alarms are set?
  • Wake me up at 8AM;

Informatii despre vreme:

  • What’s the weather?
  • What’s the temperature?
  • How windy is it?
  • Will it be hot on Monday?
  • How is the weather in Bucharest?

Stiri(ale publicatiilor din SUA):

  • Art
  • NWC news;
  • Play news
  • What’s latest news?

Rezultate din sport:

  • Tell me sports news
  • Who is the fastest man alive?
  • When does Real Madrid play?
  • What are the FIFA standings?

Gaseste locuri in apropiere:

  • What’s the closest gas station?
  • Any gas stations nearby?
  • I’m hungry;
  • What are nearby attractions?
  • Find a restaurant;
  • Any nearby pubs?

Informatii de calatorie:

  • What’s the status of Delta 324?
  • When does United flight 930 arrive?
  • Hotels in Cluj;
  • Find a hotel;
  • Attractions in London;


  • “You are beautiful” in Chinese;
  • Translate “Car” to French;
  • What is “Good morning” in French?

Realizare apeluri:

  • Call Alex;
  • Call Mama’
  • Redial;
  • Call Dan at home;

Trimitere mesaje:

  • Text Gabi;
  • Send Whatsapp message;
  • Post to Twitter I’m doing great;
  • Send a BBM message’

Deschidere aplicatii si site-uri:

  • Open Calendar;
  • Open Beyonce’s Youtube channel;
  • Shoe me the Eifel Towen on Wikipedia;

Cautare pe Google:

  • Serach for beach destinations;
  • Search for zebra facts;
  • Search for my keys

Setare Cronometru:

  • Set a timer;
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes;
  • Pause timer;
  • How much time is left;
  • Resume timer;
  • Cancel my timer;

Lucruri personale:

  • What’s on my calendar?
  • What’s on my calendar today?
  • Tell me about my day
  • Show me my photos;
  • Show my my email;
  • When is my flight?

Atunci cand te plictisesti:

  • Guess the number I’m thinking of;
  • What sound does a dog make?
  • Flip a coin;
  • Play a rock song;
  • Count from 1 to 100;
  • Repeat after me “hello”;
  • Roll a die;
  • Seredane me;
  • Find me a funny meme;
  • Give my a beat;

Joaca un joc:

  • Playa  game;
  • Play a Trivia game;
  • Play Piniata Party;
  • Play an Audio game;
  • PAC-MAN;

Meet your Google Assistant:

  • What king of assistant are you?
  • Can you hear music Google Assistant?
  • Where do you like to run?
  • Describe your personality;
  • Do you have feelings?
  • When is your bedtime Google Assistant?

Informatii financieare:

  • Stock price for Facebook;
  • What’s the NASDAQ trading at?


  • How many pounds in a kilogram?
  • How many dollars in a euro?


  • What is 13% of 89?
  • What is pi times 49 squared?
  • What is 9 factorial?

Gaseste informatii despre nutritie:

  • Is porridge gluten free?
  • How much vitamin C is in an orange?
  • How many caloies in 100 grams of chicken?


  • Navigate to home;
  • Direction to University of Bucharest;

Pentru controlul casei(daca ai dispozitive Honeywell, LIFX, Next, SmarThings, etc.):

  • Set the thermostat to 72;
  • Dim the lights;
  • Turn on the living room lights;
  • Is the light on the kitchen?